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International Mission Experience Details

How do I book my mission trip with Lifetree Adventures?

Just call any one of our expert mission trip advisors at 800-747-2157.

Is airfare from North America included in the Lifetree Adventures price?

No, the Lifetree Adventure price does NOT include airfare from North America. In-country transportation is included in the price of your Lifetree Adventure. However, in Peru, our price does include the airfare from Lima to Pucallpa. In Cuba, our price includes charter flight airfare from Miami to Havana.

What travel documentation do I need?

All U.S. citizens need a valid passport to enter a foreign country and return to the United States. It must be valid six months beyond your intended stay and have 1-2 blank pages remaining. A passport is not required for trips to Puerto Rico and Alaska. Visas are not required for most trips. For full information, please ask your mission trip planner at time of booking.

What is the age requirement?

Our trips are family-friendly, so, in most cases, kids can serve along with adults. The minimum age is 12 years old when not accompanied by a parent or guardian. When parents are present, children as young as 7 may serve on some of our mission trips. Ask your mission trip advisor for specific age requirements for the country you are interested in. Teenagers traveling unaccompanied without a group, parent, or guardian must be at least 16 years old.

What is your policy on deposits, payments, and cancellations?

To reserve space on a trip, a nonrefundable $100 deposit is due when you register. Final payment is due 60 days before departure. Please visit our website for complete details of our cancellation policy.

Are all meals included in the cost?

Most meals are covered as part of your registration. Please see the detailed itinerary of your Lifetree Adventures trip for any exceptions.

What types of meals are served?

Most meals will be provided by our ministry partners, who have been carefully trained to prepare safe and nutritious meals for our teams. You will get a taste of local food on all of our trips, and some locations will include American food as well.

Are tips included in the cost?

Lifetree Adventures covers gratuities for meals in restaurants that are included meals for the week. Gratuities for porters or housekeeping staff if you stay in a hotel during your trip are at your discretion. Airport porters who help with your bags will expect to be tipped $1-$2, and if you participate in a guided tour or fun activity on your free day, you may want to consider tipping your hired guide.

How strenuous are the activities?

While some adventures are more physically strenuous than others, most Lifetree Adventures trips will include at least four 8-hour service days in hot and humid environments. Team members should feel comfortable spending multiple days working outdoors and standing most of that time. Temperatures may be hot and humid, so you’ll want to wear cool clothing and a hat, and drink plenty of water. Service projects consist primarily of construction work, but some trips include ways to help that aren’t as physically strenuous. You’ll have the chance to work at the level of physical exertion with which you’re comfortable.

Are the trips safe?

Your safety is a top priority for us, as we’re sure it is for you. In all the areas we serve, we take extra precautions to make sure you or your group is as safe as can possibly be. Guided by our local, experienced ministry staff partners, we avoid situations that are inherently dangerous. We’re also proactive by choosing lodging facilities and transportation that are safe and reliable. If you have specific safety-related questions about a particular location, your mission trip planner will be glad to talk with you about those specifics.

Can you put together a custom trip for my group?

Probably. If you’re looking for a trip specially designed for your group, we may be able to accommodate that for you. We have several trips a year that we custom design for groups, at a date and location that fits their needs. Pricing and availability vary, but if you’re interested in a custom week, contact Robin at ralm@lifetreeadventures.com, or call 1-800-747-2157 for more information.


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